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I’ve worked in B2B settings since 1984, predominately in the technology sector because I enjoy it and I’m good at blending the right technology to suit a business. This morphed into focusing on marketing and the raft of associated technologies, but still doing the same thing, blending strategies to suit a business.

Over the years I have met some great business people who are amazing at what they do, but as we all know, just because you decided to set up and run a business doesn’t automatically make you a super-star in every area.

One of the critical areas is marketing which sometimes can get a raw deal. Yet every organisation needs to generate new business and whilst people buy people, they are an expensive commodity.

Marketing is about empathy and understanding the who, what, when, where, why and how! And with over thirty years experience (and a few T shirts) I channel that knowledge in to providing consultancy geared towards strategy and technology.  Every business has a different set of circumstances and requirements but one thing remains constant and that is, achieving a return on investment (ROI).

I help companies achieve the success they’re looking for because I don’t just look at advertising or social media. In some cases it’s simply about creating a new marketing plan and you take it from there, in others it means rolling up my sleeves and implementing it myself.

There’s only so much you can get from a website but I hope I’ve given you a flavour of my approach.

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