A bit of personal stuff...

If you’re planning to work with someone, no matter for how long, you want to make sure they’re going to be easy to get along with and not someone who either won’t let you get a word in edgeways or is too shy to say anything.

So here’s a bit of background; I’m married to Liz. We have four children between us, Erin aged 20, Francesca, 21, James 22 and Aden 23 and they’ve all left home and are all doing great. We’re now left with walking the dog (Fraser)!

I also help run a business support website on a voluntary basis which helps business owners get a different perspective on their situation and I help recommend solutions, both business and personal related.

I go running pretty much every day, I do about 5k. It’s a love-hate thing. With what’s left of my time I think in order of priority I'd say it's coffee, writing, reading, eating out, followed by technology, cooking (BTW, I make the best spare ribs - ever!!) and relearning the Guitar.