Integrate - The Essential Business Technology & Marketing Handbook

Some people say that we all have a book inside of us waiting to be written. Well, that's probably the case with me.

After spending many years in the telecoms and marketing industries, there comes a point when all that experience and knowledge has to converge in one way or another. The idea for this book happened pretty quickly, although it seemed to take forever to get it finished.

The main driver was the fact that so many salespeople were misleading businesses simply because they were after the commission and not the benefit of the companies they were selling to.

Integrate - The Essential Business Technology & Marketing Handbook is a practical work book that is intended to be read by anyone in a business who is tasked with either buying technology, organising the business in terms of income or is involved in marketing.

Whilst the book took a few years to write and then I had to make sure that I hadn't let some of the newer technologies sneak past me, I finally self-published the book on Kindle and in paperback - with the help of and Adobe Indesign.

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Integrate - The Essential Business Technology and marketing Handbook cover

What's Inside

  • Seven Simple ROI Stages
  • Project Plan to Manage Technology
  • Strategy to Exploit Business Systems
  • Workbook Format for Staff
  • Free Online Downloads

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