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From the moment someone wants to engage with your business, you have to make sure they have the most enjoyable experience possible and provide what they want.  Is it time to review your technology and what it is supposed to do for you?  To arrange a full appraisal of your technology and to get an accurate understanding of the costs involved call today on 0800 970 9751.

Marketing Automation Software

Information is a valuable commodity, especially when it comes to planning your company's future. Marketing Automation will provide the necessary data to help you understand trends and responses to the messages you send to your markets.

Delivering useful and relevant content is essential to communicate your message and ideas to your audience. As cold-calling has ceased being as effective as it was, "attraction" or "pull" marketing is far less intrusive and far more effective. Take a look at some of the Marketing Automation features below:

Imagine knowing how each prospect interacts with your website after they click on your email. Picture a system that helps you nurture each prospect based on who they are and what's important to them.
Lead Nurturing
Create and send automated, multi-touch email campaigns and customised follow-up emails based on a recipient’s unique interactions.
Lead Scoring
Make sure that leads are properly scored and assessed before handed over to sales.
Visitor Analytics
Analyse who's been visiting your site and how they behaved.
Gradual Form Filling
Add customer data each time they interact with you online.
CRM Integration
Seamless integration with the worlds leading CRM software solutions.
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Websites & Landing Page Solutions

Once you've got your prospects' interest, then what? No matter what marketing activity is agreed, there must be a "Call to Action".

Once they have clicked on a banner, social media link, email or article, sending a prospect to your homepage might not be the best course of action as there are too many distractions.

You will be provided with a separate landing page or pages for each campaign with a unique "Call to Action" that engages with your prospects, not just to get them to give you their email address (and therefore permission), but also to provide them with ongoing information to help them get to know and trust you.



Customer Relationship Management

It costs more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one! Customer Relationship Management or CRM is where marketing hands over to sales and lets the sales team interact with your prospects (soon to be customers!)

CRM is the final piece of the marketing technology workflow system that ensures end-to-end productivity

Even after the sale has been made, CRM helps cement your customers' relationships by helping to deliver an effective and efficient service that will keep your customers coming back for more.

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Telecoms & Call Centres

If at the moment you don't have some or all of the marketing infrastructure in place, then it is likely that your interaction with customers and prospects is via your telephone system. It is essential that you are able to exploit your technology without it (or the suppliers) exploiting you!

It is for these reasons that we combine both telecoms and marketing consultancy in order that your business is made fully aware of the technical and functional implications when it comes to enhancing your systems.

Contact us today to talk about how we can combine the latest marketing strategies and apps with the most effective telecommunications and customer service approach that will establish your business head-and-shoulders above your competition.

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